Welcome to the official site of singer, talk show host, and author, Chemda.

Chemda was born in Israel and has lived in New York City since she was 4 years old. She currently lives in Queens with her fiance, actor Lauren Hennessy.





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If you’ve thought of starting a podcast but have a ton of questions, this guide is for you!
Learn podcasting from the pioneers themselves.


Chemda and Keith and The Girl co-host, Keith Malley took all the information that they accumulated over years of podcasting, added tips, interviews, and videos tutorials from leading experts, and created The Ultimate Podcasting Guide. 






  • The Observer, Jim Melloan wrote a fantastic article about KATG Week, an annual festival produced by Chemda for her talk show, Keith and The Girl. Find pictures here.
  • Article in XOJane written by Chemda about the tumultuous beginning of her relationship with her beau, Lauren.
  • Also check out the incredible article written about Keith and The Girl Week by comic guru, Jeffrey Gurian.
  • Chemda was interviewed in Cosmopolitan Magazine and on Huffington Post Live about her relationship with Lauren Hennessy and business partnership with co-host Keith Malley.



Check out a couple of Chemda’s What’s My Name Show’s on Public Radio Exchange for FREE!

Listen to Chemda interview Noam Dworman, owner of the comedy cellar as they chat about booking comics, dealing with hecklers, managing pop-ins by renowned comedians, and more.
Chemda interviews comedian and writer H. Alan Scott as he talks about being diagnosed with testicular cancer and going through chemotherapy while maintaining his career in comedy.

Check out Mariah MacCarthy’s episode on placing her baby Leo with adoptive daddies.
And Myke Cole talks about his 3 tours in Iraq and life after the war with PTSD.

Listen and feel free to share these shows!


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